This Time, It’s Personal:

How to Create the Perfect Gift Box

Want to get a little more personal for the holidays? Then step away from the selection boxes and put down those socks. Whoever you’re buying for - the office Secret Santa, your brother’s girlfriend, your mom or your bestie - our Create Your Own service lets you hand-pick gifts and build a bespoke experience that’s *completely* unique to them (oh, and *completely* right for your budget, too).

Make It Personal

Need some ideas? We’ve put together some examples of how to mix and match across collections and curate the *perfect* gift experience.

C&E Top Tips

We don’t mean to brag, but we think we’re pretty good at gifting. So here are some tips to help you curate the *ultimate* gift box.

1. Stick to a theme
One that suits their interests. Why not treat your spa-obsessed pal to the ultimate in-shower pamper session, or the avid traveler to hand-picked souvenirs from our Exploration Collections?
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2. Tailor the products to them
Gift sets are great, but what if there’s a product in there you *know* they won’t use? Create Your Own lets you cut your kit down to the stuff they’ll really love. Do they like a little extra exfoliation? Swap out the Velvet Body Melt for our Buff + Invigorate Body Bar, for example.
3. Make a saving
Oh, didn’t we mention? No matter your budget, you’ll get an extra 10% off when using our Create Your Own service. Nice.
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The Technical Stuff

So, how does it work? It’s simple, really. Just follow the steps below for a gift *guaranteed* to make them happy.


Pick products you think they’ll love

(You can add as many as you like)


Add to gift box

We’ve got the wrapping covered 👌


Head to checkout

And voilà! Send a gift made especially for them